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John is very professional but is also able to make you feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable. I didn't feel at any time he was watching the clock and he certainly didn't rush the session. I've come away feeling amazing and my issue dealt with. I highly recommend him.
John was amazing. I was a little nervous at first but he soon put me at ease. Past life and present life regression had always interested me and this was superb I will definitely do it again. One amazing guy :) Doesn't rush and gives you so much of his time definitely money well spent
I'm writing on behalf of my 85 year old mother, John went to her house to see if he could help alleviate her chronic pains. He made her feel very relaxed and she felt very comfortable with him. He was very professional but approachable. She's got both types of arthritis and a broken pelvis and John helped her tremendously. She didn't think about her pain and even forgot she had to take painkillers! I would highly recommend him, although I realise it may not work for everyone.
I need to travel a lot with business and getting on a plane was becoming a real issue - i cant thank John enough for enabling me to overcome this genuine fear. Since seeing him I have flown twice and had no issues at all. Thank you - I wasn't convinced this method would work but it was extremely effective
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