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Discover how hypnotherapy can help anxiety and depression

Both Anxiety and Depression are very real for the sufferer. The problem is that the person does not know why they suffer. This is because they are what we call unconscious or subconscious problems. They are just symptoms but they are driven by something that does not come into conscious awareness. Inside you, out of control and you don't know how to fix it.
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Discover hypnotherapy to help anxiety
Do you sabotage your diet

Diet sabotage? It's all in your mind

The diet industry is huge, it is a multi billion pound industry, preying on fear. We are constantly told that being overweight leads to horrible conditions such as diabetes. This is true for some so there are all sorts of diets pills and potions to help you shed the pounds. Problem is as soon as you stop you often gain weight again. This is called yo yo dieting and is probably worse that being a bit overweight. Thing is your brain is usually the saboteur of your good intentions. It does this because food has been used by our parents to comfort us when we are hurt or upset.
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