Most people fear something, which means phobias are very common.
Some are very mild and really little more than a feeling of discomfort whereas other phobias can completely paralyse people.
The spider in the picture is just a harmless house spider but if you hate to even look at it you are not alone.
The most common ones are Spiders, Snakes, Rodents, Claustrophobia and Agoraphobia but there are many more.

Phobias respond well to hypnosis and NLP and people often overcome these irrational fears.
Some phobias have a good reason i.e. if as a child you were bitten by a dog then it is not surprising that you might be scared of them in later life. However some phobias are inherited e.g. if your parents were petrified of spiders then there is a chance you will be too.

image phobia 1              image phobia 2


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