Nutritional Therapy


“You are what you eat” Nutritional therapy seeks to make sure you eat optimum food for your life. Few people realise how much the food they eat affects them. Research has shown that your diet can affect your DNA. Although you’re actual DNA should be the same throughout your life your DNA is made up of millions of genes. These can be switched on or off and control every aspect of our bodies functions. Carcinogenic toxins for instance can make changes so the cells multiply too fast causing cancer. There are however foods that can help reverse these genetic effects.

For instance there are many illnesses associated with the western diet, however these same illnesses and conditions are nowhere near as prevalent in other parts of the world. Or vice versa, in the western world we do not see many instances of some conditions associated with the eastern diets. The western diet tends to be very calorie rich but poor in nutrients leading to Obesity, Diabetes Heart disease and many cancers.

As a Nutritional Therapist I am able to make individual assessments of your diet and make recommendations which could help you change your health for the better. Nutritional therapy in Newbury and Berkshire.



The majority of people worry about being too bid. This is usually a direct response to one or more of the following factors: Poor diet, Stress, toxic chemicals such as pollution from cars and other psychological factors. Hypnosis can help deal with the psychological factors and a nutritional assessment with help you change your diet.



Almost all weight gain can be linked to anxiety and stress. Things like comfort and binge eating are a direct result of Anxiety. When the brain is stressed or worried it kicks out hormones that can do a whole range of things that change our weight. Hunger is controlled by hormones or if we fight that, then the brain can make us slow our metabolism down and become lethargic. One way or another the brain is in control of how much we weigh so it makes sense to find out what it wants and solve its issues first. Deficiencies in our diet can turn on genes that make us anxious. Anxiety can be a result of certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies.



Note food and not diet. We don’t do diets as such but do recommend you become aware of the food you are eating. We all eat junk food from time to time and that is fine. You don’t want to live on it every day. So called healthy foods and diet foods are often not what they seem. Any food that has had something taken out (e.g. fat) probably contains a much nastier replacement. Often this is high levels of sugar and worse still fructose. People think that because this is a fruit sugar it is ok. It is not it is metabolised by the body like a fat and many of the fructose calories will be converted to fat in the form of artery blocking triglycerides. Fructose also interferes with Leptin, your natural fuel gauge so you don’t know when you are full. In addition it doesn’t react with insulin in the same way and may be causing you to step in the direction of type 2 diabetes.

We recommend you try to cook and buy food with low sugar content. If you are on a budget learn to seek out food that is in season. Also note that the body needs fat and certain oils and fats promote a healthy heart and brain.



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