Leaving The Past behind

Do you really need to hold on to the past

get your sparkle back

Getting your sparkle back

Sometimes we seem to become boring. We have got into a rut and cant seem to get out of it. Lifes daily routine has become a bore. Maybe you have been in a job too long or perhaps a relationship and now you just seem to be taken for granted. 
This happens when we hang on to all the rubbish we have collected from the past. We have gradually become downtrodden by life. 
It doesnt have to be like that though
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Your Blueprint for Life

When you were born you had a blueprint for your life. Just like a brand new computer you had an operating system and that is all. as time went on you gained information and in the first few years of your life this information was unfiltered. Some of the information you gained was good and some not so. Can youi imagine leaving your computer attached to the internet without virus protection? Unfortunately that is what our early life is like and so our blueprint gets messed up. Imagine having your life plans on a table infront of you. Theres a bit of coffee spilt over there and some dropped pizza there and a cigarette burn too. You get the picture. The blueprint collects rubbish over time.
A simple hypnosis session can start to repair and clean up your blueprint, get it back to its original state and get your sparkle back. 
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Anxiety freedom

Peel back the clouds of time

If you feel it was so much more fun when you were young free and single you need to get your old self back. Dont let the past make you grow old. Call me today and get the fun back into your life however old you are/
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