Do you find you are lacking in self-confidence? Are you shy? Do you worry about how others see you? Are you constantly thinking other people are judging you?

For some people it is all the time, for others it is just on certain occasions. Lack of self-confidence however can come from more than one source. If say you have very shy parents who lack self-confidence then it is likely you will inherit this trait.
On the other hand you may have been physically bullied at school or even work, or perhaps ridiculed and made to look small whenever you do something. We are born with supreme confidence but as time goes on this takes knocks from all directions. There is pressure to be “cool” at school and if one is even slightly different you can be picked on and made to feel intimidated. You may find people talk down to you or try and put you down. Often to combat this we put on a mask so that we can be how we think others want to see us. The problem here is that don’t have the resources to be another person all the time so if we give away our values to others then we appear very shallow and the situation can get worse.

Most of the time our lack of confidence starts at a very early age but as one gets older lack of confidence costs us more and more. We may not get past interviews or perhaps not attempt to do things that we might have really enjoyed, all because we are worried about failing and what others will think.

It doesn’t have to be like this!
Low self-esteem and lack of confidence are problems which respond well to hypnotherapy with ego strengthening.

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