Discover how doctors and medication can perpetuate Anxiety and Depression

Discover how doctors and medication can perpetuate Anxiety and Depression

For many years now many doctors have told their clients they have anxiety/depression because they have a chemical imbalance in their brain, which means you need chemicals (drugs) to restore the balance. Sounds logical? Er well NO! The chemistry of our brains is extremely complicated and changing with every thought or action. Neurotransmitters can be created in millionths of a second.

Not one study had managed to prove depression or anxiety is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain or one that links low serotonin levels to anxiety/depression (

However, it does provide a nice explanation that lets the client think they have an illness that is not their fault which needs medication. By making the chemical imbalance idea sound plausible the drug companies can make millions. Global sales of AD’s, stimulants and anti-psychotic drugs are in excess of $76 billion. Never mind the fact that ADs often cause horrible debilitating physical and psychological side effects including suicide, with 5 out of the top 10 most violence-inducing drugs being classed as antidepressants.

Another nail in the chemical imbalance coffin is the placebo. If the solution was to redress the chemical balance the placebo would have no effect yet in studies it has performed as well as the drugs. Smarties would be a much cheaper option saving the NHS millions if you believed they were ADs.

Some doctors say that AD’s are a short-term (sticking plaster) remedy but with some of my clients having been on these things for over 20 years they are hardly short term. I see it like prescribing a painkiller for someone who has sat on a drawing pin, but never removing the pin in the first place.

So what does cause anxiety/depression?

The simple answer is LIFE. Since the day we are born we have experiences – some nice, some not so nice. Some strengthen us and some weaken us. Think about a baby – small, helpless and loveable. Constantly tell it off, tell it is useless and bad. Criticise it constantly. In other words abuse it emotionally, maybe even physically or sexually. Situations it can’t escape. Is it any surprise these babies grow up depressed. Any sort of abuse = Anxiety. Sometimes the abuse stops and the fears are supressed deep in the subconscious only to reappear later in life when we see similar triggers.

How does hypnotherapy help sufferers of anxiety and depression?

The cause is rooted in past experiences stored in the subconscious and by the use of hypnosis we can change the patterns caused by these past experiences. When we are born we are rather like a brand new computer. We have an operating system, a blueprint for living and that is about all we have. When there is a problem with a machine or a building the engineer will go back to the blueprint and see what has changed to create the problem. With humans “life” affects our blueprint. Its like over time it collects some coffee stains, A bit of pizza is dropped on it. A few cigarette burns and some parts faded in the sunlight. By using hypnotherapy my aim is to take you back to that blueprint before it was polluted with all those negative events. A version before heartbreak, before abuse, before tragic events, illness and bereavement. By working “Content Free” I don’t need to know what your blueprint looks like because your subconscious already knows. Many of my clients are amazed that I do not need to know all the gory details of their problem. in fact it would be perfectly Ok for the client to not even tell me why they are sat in the chair. The conscious mind is not aware of the root of the problem. If it was you wouldn’t need to see me. However, the subconscious is aware and that is the part I talk to.