About Us

A little bit about Newbury Hypnotherapy. It was formed after I moved back to Newbury Berkshire from London in 2011. My interest in Hypnosis and therapy started many years ago when I was suffering from stress. I had IBS and suffered a panic attack. I thought it was a heart attack as my chest tightened and my heart was racing. At the time I was smoking and not very fit. My doctor told me that I needed to learn to chill out and should get some hypnosis tapes. For once I did as I was told. In a matter of days I had stopped smoking and the IBS had gone.

A few years later I saw a two day “taster course” on hypnosis and self-hypnosis with Valerie Austin. I really enjoyed the course and decided to go for proper training. Over the years I have learnt from many wonderful people and I like to think I have taken the best from each of them. Some have been trainers and others have been people on the courses. I will put links to some of them on the links page so that if you live in another part of the country you can get local help.

I have been trained not just by top hypnotherapists but also I have trained with stage hypnotists, street hypnotists and covert hypnotists. I believe there are aspects of all disciplines that can be used to help others. I have also been trained in the famous “Swan” technique by the creator Bob Burns. This is a fantastic technique that allows me to work with the sub conscious directly and negates the need for the client to tell me much about the problem.

It is easy to let life get on top of us while we blame others for our problems. Take control of your issues and contact me today.

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