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Man carrying the weight of past problems

Why Hypnotherapy? instead of other therapies such as Counselling or CBT

Newbury Hypnotherapy aims to fix the cause, not just the symptoms of your problem. Your problems are yours to carry. But they are also yours to put down. Hypnotherapy works best with the problems that are inside you, out of control and you do not know how to stop them. This is because the source of the problem does not come into conscious awareness. You may know the trigger but not the root of the problem. Most of our daily problems and traumas don't affect us long term. It is only when we attach a subconscious emotion to the problem or trauma that it affects our Mental Health. Many people find hypnotherapy works where Counselling and CBT didn't because hypnotherapy can get to the root of subconscious problems. It is all about finding the right tool for the job.

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of Hypnosis to help people to change their lives. Hypnosis is a safe natural state that has been used for thousands of years.  Often your thoughts or actions contradict what you consciously want. You find yourself in two minds e.g Consciously you want to give up smoking but without thinking (subconsciously) you find yourself buying another packet. You know what a healthy diet is but you carry on eating junk, You know worrying is a waste of time but that doesn't make the anxiety go away etc.
Many famous people have used hypnotherapy including:-
- Winston Churchill
- Tiger Woods
- Albert Einstein
- Kim Marsh
- Jessica Alba
- Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge)

Newbury Hypnotherapy celebrates its 4th year running as one on the 3 best rated in the area.

There are many hypnotherapists around. However only 2 of us have held this award for 4 consecutive years. Choosing the right hypnotherapist can be bit of a minefield so it is good to know that an independent site is on the look out for the three best rated hypnotherapists in your area. Clicking on the picture will take you to their site and then you can see the other top rated therapists in our area. Do you really want someone who is inexperienced or has no insurance poking around in your subconscious?

Hypnosis allows the therapist to communicate with your subconscious mind and change the patterns that create behaviours we no longer want. 
It could be said that most of the psychological problems we suffer are in fact where the subconscious is trying to protect us. It maybe that we have been hurt (emotionally or physically) in the past and now the mind is seeing almost everything as a threat. This means it can go in to overdrive, causing anxiety and even panic attacks. For example many peoples weight issues are caused by the brain hanging on to old issues from the past where certain foods were used as treats or comfort. So that now when you are upset or hurt you immediately look for the comfort food. Hypnotherapy helps deal with the issues you have collected over the years. Many of these issues may seem small but it is the last straw that broke the camels back. We could remove that straw but I try and remove the whole bale.
independently judged one of the 3 best hypnotherapists in the area
Doing something different for a change

What it is not

It is not (as some therapist's would have you believe) a cure all for everything, It is not like stage hypnosis and you will not be clucking like a chicken. That costs more and would be counterproductive.
It is not some Svengali taking control of your mind and brainwashing you. It also is not just deep relaxation with a little psychotherapy. You do not need to be relaxed though it does help and likewise you do not need to close your eyes though it does help your imagination. If you are deaf and relying on lip reading you can still go into trance.
It is not a never ending supply of sessions from someone who has done a week’s training course. Hypnotherapy is usually quick to show results so in most cases only a few sessions are needed. As a general rule many problems such as phobias can be sorted in one or two sessions. Other problems such as IBS, Anxiety, Depression etc may take more. Everyone is different and so it is impossible to give an accurate cost of treatment at the outset but I try very hard to keep the number of sessions to a minimum for you.

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